Barbara Klein
Barbara Klein
Sales Vice President
Barbara Klein

Barbara Klein

Sales Vice President

Phone: 513-325-1316



"Barbara understood what I was looking for and kept me informed whenever something I might be interested came available. She provided good advice and did the research necessary to answer all of my questions. Barbara has been patient with me for many months as we searched for what I wanted. She helped me negotiate the purchase of a small fixer-upper, then after she found a buyer for the family farm, she helped me find my perfect home, I was impressed by her concern for my interests in these transactions and am grateful for her guidance. I highly recommend Barbara Klein to anyone buying or selling."

- Margie Prindle

"Barbara Klein is an amazing Real Estate agent. She cares about your needs and wants. I highly recommend her! Most importantly, she works hard and she is truly a great person! I was very blessed to be able to work with her!"

- Jaimie

"I have known Barb Klein going on 4 years now. She started assisting me at that time in finding my first home. It has been a long process for me to find a new home due to personal and financial reasons. It is almost sad to think that I finally found my first home and working with her is about to end. I can't even think of how many houses she has brought me through to find the perfect home. Through these four years Barb has never left my side sticking by me through the good and bad times. Most, if not all other realtors would not have stuck with me this long. During this time I have gotten to know Barb on both a professional and personal level. Barb is a dedicated and hard worker going above and beyond to help her clients find the right home, making her a rare find in the realty field. I have called her all hours of the day and she is always there to assist me even if she is engaged in personal activities at that time. Never once have I doubted her loyalty to me, her job or to anyone for that matter. Working with Barb, I can tell she enjoys doing her job and would never lead me down the wrong path. I have referred other friends to her for both buying and selling homes, each one has loved the professionalism and hard work she has done for them. In the future when I decide to sell this home and buy a new one, there is no question in my mind that I will use Barb as my Realtor. It will be a sad day when Barb retires as the community will lose a knowledgeable, dedicated and hard working Realtor. -- Tony C."

"We used the services of Barbara Klein about two and a half years ago to purchase a home. We found Mrs. Klein to be one of the most thorough and knowledgeable agents that we tried to deal with. She was very patient and diligent in her efforts to find the perfect home for us. We have never met or know of another agent that would offer the services that she provides. We have recommended her to friends and family. She has assisted in finding two homes for family and one for a close personal friend of ours. We can personally attest to her character and credibility for a job well done in all four home purchases. Mrs. Klein has become more than just a business acquaintance, we consider her as family and place the same trust in her. -- Lynn W."

"Not sure where to start talking about my realtor Barb. Let me just say this. I have dealt with five Realtors before and she is by far the best one I have ever dealt with. But that does not say near enough to the extra effort she made for my family. The usual can be expected of realtors showing me over 100 homes before the right one, but the extra effort starts after we closed. She went way beyond the call of duty after we closed by helping us with our fixer-upper. Even after we fixed it up she came over to the house to let our dog out when we were in a pinch. I would trust Barb with the keys to my house, to watch my only daughter, or anything else as she goes way beyond the call of duty. Enjoyed every moment I dealt with Barb and she will be my agent for life. -- Craig T."

"Absolutely the best agent out there. She is very knowledgeable, patient, and met all of our needs when looking for a home. She never complained and worked with us on our schedule. She made sure we knew what we were buying and made us feel very comfortable for first time home buyers. I will continually recommend her to others and use her again as my agent in the future. -- Terry S."

"Barbara was very friendly, honest, professional and reliable. She was easy to get in touch with at any time of the day when we had questions. I have already recommended Barbara to friends and will continue to do so. -- Lindsey"

"Have known Barb for a friend for over 30 years but have had the pleasure of using her as my real estate agent for the past six years. Barb goes way beyond the typical duties of a good real estate agent. She is always available for her clients. She has helped me sell at least 12 homes if not more. Many of those sales would not have happened without her being involved. It is no wonder she is continually a sales leader. -- Keith S."

"Barb is the best Realtor that I have ever had. She has worked extremely hard at not only selling my previous house but also finding that perfect house for my family. She spent countless hours to find that perfect house that we told her we wanted. I would recommend her to all friends and family as it will make the buying and selling process more manageable with her expertise. -- Matt T."

"Barb contacted us immediately as soon as we reviewed the first house online. She found the best houses in our area that met our needs and led us through the entire process from the hunt to the closing. -- Chuck S."

"Ms.Klein was extremely professional and friendly. She exceeded our expectations. She truly listened to our needs and concerns, and then went out and executed our requests in a timely manner. It was great to see that she was quick to follow up with questions that we had, and honest enough to tell us if she didn't have an answer at that time. I would highly recommend Ms. Klein to friends and family who are looking to buy. -- Chuck S."

"I was really pleased with Barb's quick responsiveness and availability to us. It helped put my mind at ease knowing I wouldn't have to wait long for answers. She is obviously very dedicated to her job and as her client, I could definitely feel that. -- Shannon B."

"Barb was beyond helpful with the purchase of our dream home. She demonstrated patience and was able to act as a dual agent without bias. I never felt like she didn't have our best interest in mind and I imagine the seller felt the same. She was very thorough and followed up on everything and her attention to detail was superb. I would highly recommend Barb to anyone in the greater Cincinnati area. She will work for you! We are loving our new home! On a personal note, Barb is a great person with a big heart and I am so glad we hired her as our Realtor."

"I have only known Barbara for about three years but, it doesn't take long to see what a person's character is all about. We met and were married in that time. It did not take long for me to see that Barb is one of the most caring, generous and selfless people I have ever met. On a personal level, I have seen her go out of her way to make her new family welcome. She has made curtains, painted in my kids homes and is always looking for a way to help them and my grand children. As a Realtor, I have seen her go out of her way many times working to fix up a house to make it look better for a client selling. This includes painting, cleaning and yard work, which I doubt many other Realtors would ever consider doing. I also have seen her roll up her sleeves and really work hard to get a house up to needed levels to pass inspections for prospective buyers. Barb was even working constantly on a cruise we took after our wedding. She was doing whatever it took to close the deal for her client. She works hard for everyone else and does not think of herself one bit. Perhaps, that is her only character flaw. Barb values her reputation as a hard worker and above all as an honest person. Anyone who knows her would have to agree. -- Roy Klein"

"An opinion survey has been submitted by George Elig, who is a selling client of Barbara Klein. Regarding Barbara Klein: Communication: very satisfied Marketing plan: very satisfied Knowledge: very satisfied Overall: very satisfied Comments: Barbara Klein is the best. She worked hard to find a buyer. She made herself available all hours of the day including weekends. She kept our family informed and up to date on all activities. Barbara did a great job settling concerns between family members and between our family and the buyer. Barbara is very good at listening to what you want and will work harder than anyone I know to satisfy your requests. I feel if Barbara was not our realtor we would still be trying to sell. THANK YOU BARBARA KLEIN."

- George Elig

"I feel that you and Barb and Sibcy Cline did everything in thier power to sell our property. I only recommend Sibcy Cline and no other company. I am very happy with your work. Good luck to everybody there and I will be sending you more customers. Thank you, Herman Elig."

- Herman Elig
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