Tiffany Allen-Zeuch
Tiffany Allen-Zeuch , PBD, SRS
Executive Sales Vice President
Tiffany Allen-Zeuch

Tiffany Allen-Zeuch, PBD, SRS

Executive Sales Vice President

Phone: 513-349-7311



"Thank you so much for all your help in finding us a new home and finding a buyer for our old one! We really enjoyed working with you and will continue recommending you to anyone we kno looking to move. Thanks again!"

- Eric & Nichi Scheidt

"This was our third property listed with Tiffany. She is very knowledgeable of the market and her team made the experience delightful. Thanks!"

- Dan Brankamp, Eagle View Properties, LLC

"Tiffany was beyond awesome and clearly knows how to do her job and do it well. I would recommend her and/or use her again in a heartbeat. We never once felt pressured to make a decision, she always left it in our hands but was ultimately available when we had questions. I appreciated her honesty when we would ask for her opinion on something. She made our whole home search/building/selling a breeze and we can't thank her enough."

- Anne Fox

"This was our second time working with Tiffany. Simply put, she's the best. We don't know anything about buying/selling a home and she walked us through the processes step-by-step. She sold our home in just 11 hours for a price much higher than we anticipated, and she helped us buy a house for less than asking price. Thanks, Tiffany!"

- Abbey Bradley

"Always a pleasure working with Tiffany. Very professional and knowledgeable."

- Joe Wright

"Tiffany Allen-Zeuch brough us confidence in our home selling experience. She is pleasant to work with, was very accessible and a champion for us throughout the process. We would definitely work with Tiffany again. Her expertise in her profession and in the local area made selling a home a wonderful experience all around. Thanks Tiffany! "

- Dale Tolley

"Tiffany was a wonderful advocate."

- Emily Maupin

"Great customer experience, Tiffany is a wealth of knowledge, very helpful and responsive. Highly recommend her to anyone looking for your new home. "

- Lydia Swan

"Tiffany is the consummate professional combining her knowledge of real estate and the West Chester community with her unfailing kindness and patience. My house sold in two weeks allowing me to move when I wanted. I couldn’t have asked for a better agent or experience with Sibcy Cline. "

- Jane Bledsoe

"Tiffany had exceptional knowledge of our market and provided great recommendations to maximize the price we were able to sell our house. "

- Eric & Tiffany S., Four Bridges/Liberty Township

"Tiffany did a fabulous job in selling our home in only 3 days in the middle of the Christmas season, which we all know is not the ideal time to sell. Tiffany was quick to respond to any questions we had, no matter what time of day it was. She has great followup and walked us through each step of the home selling process. "

- Nicole Recker

"Five stars are not enough praise! If you are looking for a Top notch Professional , look no further. *Best Marketing of our home, *Best Communication from start to finish. *Always available to answer your Questions *Tiffany is with you from start to finish ! Thank you Mike and Cory Walther "

- Cory Walther

"Tiffany was an awesome realtor. She was always available to answer any questions we had and provided great advice and suggestions from start to finish. She made sure to keep us up-to-date every step of the way . The whole process went smooth and I would definitely use her again and recommend her to friends or relatives who were looking to buy or sell a house."

- Jennifer Bauer

"Tiffany was above exceptional in every phase of the selling process. As first time sellers she gave my wife and I excellent recommendations based on her experience and market knowledge, made sure we were aware of all of our options at each step, and went the extra mile to make sure we ended up with a fair and rewarding deal at the closing table. I would give Tiffany 10 stars out of 5 if given the chance!"

- Steven Nitz, Client - Buyer & Seller

"Tiffany is very easy to work with. Extremely knowledgeable and prepared. She positioned us for a good price and quick sale. Very pleased and would absolutely recommend Tiffany!"

- Gina Patti

"We had decided to downsize and talked with 2-3 other agents. Tiffany showed up at our home with a huge book of comps, and detailed information about our home, the neighborhood, and sales histories! She is bright, fun and professional. She pointed out things we should worry about repairing, and things we didn't have to worry about. The way she really got our attention was when she suggested a selling price about $50,000 more than anyone else did. When all others said our basement was very nice, but would not increase our asking price, Tiffany loved what we had done and said we could absolutely ask for more. I feel sure we would have made less money with any other agent. And at this point in our lives, our money is very important to us. I recommend Tiffany to everyone I talk to about selling their home. She gets it done!"

- Nancy Waller

"Tiffany was the best agent we've ever used. She never allowed us to panic and make the wrong decision. She always kept our confidence up and it proved out to be 100% correct. I highly recommend Tiffany to everyone"

- Thomas Dunn

"Tiffany is extremely knowledgeable and was able to answer all of our questions. She was able to offer insight and resources during the process. "

- Katie Gill

"Tiffany, you were the best we could have hoped for: knowledgeable, responsive, and kind. You took a stressful process and made it as easy as possible. Thank you!"

- Kevin & Sally Gordin, Liberty Township

"As a real estate attorney, I've worked with a number of real estate brokers over the years. Tiffany is the best residential real estate agent that I've worked with. She has a firm understanding of the market and is an excellent problem solver/negotiator. She is also proactive, practical and supports her clients through the whole purchase/sale process. I heartily recommend Tiffany!!!"

- Tiffiny Evans, Senior Director, Legal Affairs

"Tiffany is phenomenal. She listened and made mental note to all of our requests. She worked tirelessly to find the perfect house for us. She then worked tirelessly to sell our current home quickly. She is efficient and knowledgeable about all aspects of her job. We will never go with another realtor."

- Christina & Andy French, Buyer & Seller in Liberty Township, OH

"We definitely recommend Tiffany to anyone selling or buying a home, and don't think you could find a better Realtor in all of Cincinnati, and here's why: I am going to address several key areas to take into consideration in providing this referral, because, if you you are about to sell your home, you are about to make one of the biggest financial and emotional decisions of your life! My wife and I contacted five realtors (one did not call us back after we left 2 messages, AND they advertise on the radio that they will guarantee to sell your home or they will buy it - hard to do if they don't even call you about a potential listing!) We had meetings with three of the agents, but for various reasons, we ruled out two of them. We were however, very impressed with the third agent. We felt she was knowledgeable about the market, gave us good insight and suggestions, and was convincing as to what the listing price, and the anticipated selling price that we could expect to get for our home.  At this point we still hadn't met with Tiffany. She was out of town for a week, but had scheduled an appointment to meet with us the following week. Over the next few days my wife and I discussed our experiences and were strongly considering cancelling our meeting with Tiffany, and signing with the third agent. Ultimately however, we decided to wait and meet with Tiffany. I cannot stress enough how fortunate it was for us that we made the decision to wait and meet with her! She came to our home to meet with us and was so well prepared. She wasn't just knowledgeable, her expertise in several areas helped us in so many ways. Prior to the meetings with the agents my wife and I had done some of our own market research with the various real estate evaluation websites, as well as studying the recent selling prices of comparable homes in our area. We felt we had a good idea for a listing and selling price of our home, as well as what types of repairs/changes we needed to do to prepare our home to sell. The other three agents were fairly in line with what we thought the listing/selling should be, but were all over the place when it came to repairs and remodeling. The estimated cost of the suggested repairs/remodeling from the other agents ranged from $20,000 to $40,000. Tiffany made her presentation with so much more market detail and analysis. Based off of her research she recommended a listing price $30,000 higher than the other agents suggested. I want to make it clear that we would have been somewhat skeptical with her suggestion, had it not been for the detailed analysis of inventory and other market factors she provided. (that none of the other agents provided)  In addition, she made several suggestions regarding repairs/remodeling, but her repairs and changes were mostly cosmetic and cost us roughly $10,000...significantly less than the expense of what the other agents strongly suggested we had to do (and what we thought) in order to sell our home. We elected to heed her advise and make those changes and repairs though we were still somewhat doubting that would be enough to make our house quickly sell. In addition, she was extremely helpful in providing some suggested vendors that could complete the work that we needed done in a timely, affordable fashion, and done properly. We signed the contract with Tiffany to sell our home on a Sunday afternoon, and by the following evening we had three offers. After negotiations, we sold our home for more than our asking price!!! By the way, we believe her suggestions/advise during the offer/counter offers, definitely aided in us getting above the asking price! Her help continued throughout the inspection and contingency negotiations as well, making the whole experience pleasant and easy. Every suggestion and piece of advise she gave us ended up being spot on and extremely helpful! Thank you Tiffany!!!"

- Frank & Lisa Bifro, Seller in Mason, OH

"Wow....this Lady hustles and is very on top of things. We told her we would like to list our house and she was at the property taking pictures that day and posted them on the internet that night..before our professional photo shoot. We had showings the next day. If you have a question you get an immediate answer. She helped get services we needed to sell our house. I would definately list with Tiffany again."

- Kathleen Compton, Liberty Township

"I would not have wanted to walk through the buying & selling process with any other realtor! Tiffany was very responsive and available to answer our questions and guide us through the home selling and buying processes. I was impressed by her commitment to make us feel like a top priority knowing that she has many other clients and a busy home life. Her knowledge of the area and history of sales proved to be quite helpful in both buying and selling. I would highly recommend Tiffany to any buyerseller!"

- Sara & Justin Mosteller, Liberty Township

"Very happy with agent. "

- Maria Klepec

"Tiffany is extremely knowledgeable with the housing market in this area. She is a no nonsense straightforward realtor who will get your house sold for the most value! "

- Helen Huntington

"Very professional and good at communicating changes."

- Troy Burch

"Proof that it does matter who you hire as a realtor. Prior to hiring Tiffany we had gone with another agency - 6 months later our home still had not sold. Hired Tiffany and our home sold very quickly and during the holiday season no less! She knows the area and knows how to market homes. She keeps her clients in the loop and is easy to work with. Highly recommend Tiffany if you are looking to sell your home."

- Christine Cooper, Liberty Township

"Tiffany helped me through finding and building a new construction home. She was so great to help me pick options and such that would eventually be great for resale. having her help was priceless during the stressful experience of building a home. She had me covered. I will definitely use Tiffany for buying/selling again should a need occur in the future. "

- Jamie Rice

"Tiffany is fantastic! She made the home selling process easy. I would definitely recommend her to anyone buying or selling a home."

- Alison Burngasser

"Tiffany went above and beyond in representing my wife and I as buyers for our new home. She made sure we were aware of all of our options and informed of each step in the process during (what I would consider) a very long close. She also educated us on options and steps we did not know were available to us. Tiffany worked directly with our mortgage rep to make sure all documents were in place and we were on track every step of the way. Tiffany doesn't shortcut the process and goes out of her way to make sure her clients are taken care of. "

- Steven Nitz, Client - Buyer & Seller

"Tiffany is a dream!!! Easy to work with, explained the process every step of the way, and made this experience fun!! "

- Tara Nitz

"Her guidance and knowledge of the market yielded top sales dollars and a quick sale. "

- Gina & Pete Patti (Mason, OH)

"Tiffany is a pro. She guided my wife and I in what needed to be done to sell our existing home quickly. She was spot on. We had 24 showings and 6 offers in 3 days. She helped navigate the offers and got to help us sell our house a second time when the first buyer got cold feet and disappeared. She helped us navigate the purchase of our new home and was instrumental in sorting thru the deal to buy / upgrade a market home. "

- Clint Winterhalter

"Always high service!"

- Scott Burngasser

"Tiffany has been a pleasure to work with and I will recommend her in the future."

- Cynthia Ziepfel-Dunn

"Tiffany took us to a home I wouldn't have even considered and it turned out to be the home we were looking for."

- Diane Mason

"Outstanding service, truly a professional"

- Rayanne Pritchard, West Chester

"Tiffany did a great job of responding on short notice, putting in extra time to help us evaluate our choices, and then moving quickly to get our offers and counter offers handled."

- Tony & Vicki Criswell, West Chester

"Tiffany is exceptional at what she does. As a new resident to the Cincinnati area I was lucky to have run across her. She was highly recommended by two former clients. Her professionalism, attention to detail, integrity and honesty really impressed me. She was very diligent and always willing to help. She guided me through the entire process - from searching, to pending, to sold!"

- Yvette Perez, West Chester

"What a pleasure it was to have you as our agent and RE partner for our home on Oleander. I have to say that you rank as the #1 RE Agent we have ever worked with! You are an amazing professional and we appreciate everything you did to make the sale of our house go quickly and flawlessly."

- Debi & Rich Chitwood, Liberty Twp (Four Bridges)

"Tiffany was always very up front with me when trying to sell my house. She was easy to work with and did pretty good about keeping me in the loop about what was going on while we were waiting to close. Overall I was very satisfied with my experience with her."

- Rev. Jonathan Bender, Loveland

"Tiffany was great, she knew the market and knows the overall business. Great to have someone help walk thru this experience."

- Chris & Erinn Conde, Mason

"We had a difficult sale because of a short sale and Tiffany made it so easy for us to know and understand what was going on."

- Sara & Jeff Glassmeyer, Liberty Township

"Tiffany was AMAZING! She was very attentive to our needs and did a fantastic job!!!!!! Will recommend her to everyone!"

- Brian & Jessica Rutkowski, Liberty Township

"Tiffany was wonderful in helping us find a home! She is very knowledgable about the Cincinnati area and I couldn't have asked for a better realtor."

- Chris & Nikki Strange, Liberty Township

"Tiffany is exceptional at what she does! She places herself in the shoes of her clients and calls things out that are not to your benefit. We relocated from Texas and were unfamiliar with the Ohio and Cincinnati area. In hindsight I truly appreciate the details from which she would steer us away eventhough at the time we could have gone either way on a decision. She is an excellent realtor who did not tell us that we would have to trade off one expectation for another or settle on a home. Our wants were satisfied at a price that met our expectations."

- Daniel Luna, Mason

"Tiffany was great. She was always positive and willing to help with whatever questions I had."

- Heather & Billy Carrico, West Chester

"We wanted to say Thank You so much for making our house hunting adventure in the burbs such a good one! Thanks for walking us through everything and being there whenever we needed you, day or night. You are extremely great at what you do. We will be referring you to any we know who is looking to buy or sell. Thanks again for everything!"

- Beth & Chip Morgan, Liberty Township

"We will definitely work with Tiffany again when we buy our next house."

- Dave & Emily Roessler, Liberty Township

"Tiffany was absolutely outstanding. She is knowledgeable, helpful & incredibly responsive. She took care of every detail & acted as a strong advocate for us during the home buying process. She's also wonderful to work with on a personal level - always friendly & someone I knew I could trust with the biggest purchase of our lives! I would HIGHLY recommend her."

- Jenna & Zach Downey, Liberty Township

"Tiffany was recommended to me by one of her former clients. Since the sale of my mothers house I have also recommended her. I loved working with Tiffany. She's knowledgeable and helpful and made the entire process easy."

- Sonya Ryan, West Chester

"We have used Tiffany multiple times on real estate purchases and to sell our home, we have recommended her to friends and neighbors ...I think she has most of the listings in our neighborhood at this point ...she is very diligent, honest and upfront."

- Denny & Maureen Walsh, Fairfield Township

"Tiffany was very knowledgeable and focus her marketing efforts on agents that were showing houses that were similar or matched my house."

- Dan Tindall, West Chester

"We previously had Tiffany list our home and were glad to have her back as our selling agent - she is very professional and thorough."

- Neil & Tracy Stewart, Lebanon

"Tiffany was always available to answer questions and help."

- Kim Higbee, Liberty Township

"Tiffany is very up-to-date and knowledgeable about the Liberty TownshipCherokee Estates market. She did a fantastic job utilizing social media advertising and links that we felt are very important in today's marketing strategies for selling a home."

- Eric & Stacy Robbins, Liberty Township

"I really appreciate your patience and help in selling the condo. We're thankful and relieved. :)"

- Emily Kelly, Fairfield Township

"Tiffany is the consummate professional. We will recommend her to anyone who needs a Realtor. She is a pleasure to work with."

- Betsy & Alan Jones, West Chester

"I speak for both Carol and has been a pleasure working with you. Thanks for all your support, patience, professionalism...and your ability to get the job done."

- Evan & Carol Renneker, Liberty Township

"She did a great job in getting to my goal of selling the property in 30 days."

- Neil Hoover, Fairfield Township

"While I have known Tiffany for many years, this past year was the first time I needed her professional services. Tiffany helped us find our dream home. She not only was capable of helping us find properties that fit our needs, but had helpful suggestions through out the process. She understands the market in the area extremely well and helped us in negotiating the right price for the perfect house. The entire process was smooth thanks to her, she never hesitated to step in and help with connecting all the necessary parties and getting things sped up to ensure we closed smoothly and on time. Our house is amazing and she was an key role in helping us find the perfect home! Thanks Tiff!"

- Sarah & Joe Baker, Liberty Township

"My husband and I recently worked with Tiffany to purchase our first home. With so many questions, concerns and apprehensions that come with purchasing a first home - Tiffany established herself as more than just a real estate agent, but rather a true partner in the house hunting process. With her guidance, buyer insight, and extensive market knowledge, my husband and I moved into a beautiful first home that we will surly enjoy for years to come!"

- Kate & Andrew Doviak, Liberty Township

"Tiffany is a great professional and was a pleasure to work with. She has the experience needed to make a transaction go smoothly and I look forward to working with her again in the future."

- Jason Sayers, Market Manager-Zaring Premier Homes

"We interviewed numerous agents at multiple agencies and are SO glad we chose Tiffany! Could not have asked for a more positive experience."

- Erin & Anthony Frey, Liberty Township

"When we move, we definitely want Tiffany to sell our home! Tiffany is knowledgeable about Real Estate, but her knowledge of the local area & other concerns is super helpful. Tiffany is truly outstanding and she made us feel like we were here only clients."

- George and Marilyn Hua, Monroe

"Tiffany was great. Most impressive was her patience with us as we looked at numerous houses. She also answered all of our questions, and if unsure, found out and got back to us quickly. I will recommend her to others."

- Karen & Scott Zieker, West Chester

"Tiffany puts 100% into everything she does. She made herself available 24 hours a day, took care of anything we had a question about, and triple-checked that everything would go smoothly with our closing. I don't think there is another Realtor out there that works this hard for her clients. I plan on recommending her to all of my family and friends for their real estate needs. Sibcy Cline is lucky to have her!"

- Kristina Linberg, West Chester

"Tiffany was fantastic from start to finish! She was prompt & worked around our tight schedule tofrom Nebraska. We would recommend her to anyone & everyone who needs to buysell a home. She was great."

- Jennifer & Sean Shannon, West Chester

"Tiffany was wonderful throughout the entire search and buying process! I would recommend her and Sibcy Cline to anyone in need of a Realtor?."

- Jana & Eric Davis, Somerville

"Tiffany went above and beyond for us!"

- Kristina & Nick Linberg, West Chester

"...thanks so much for all of your help with everything. You really made the buying process very easy for us and we really appreciate it..."

- Sandra & Greg K., Cincinnati

"Tiffany helped make this process much less stressful!"

- Tina & Brian N., Monroe

"Could not be happier with the service and personal attention we received."

- Jim & Kelly R., Liberty Township

"Tiffany was absolutely great to work with. I would highly recommend her to others relocating with my company and really appreciated all her help!"

- Kim M., West Chester

"Tiffany was extremely knowledgable, always available to answer my questions and concerns; and always returned every call. Very trusting."

- Julie D., West Chester

"...Tiffany was great and I would recommend them to anyone looking to sell their home. In a buyers market, they sold my home in 28 days with just one price reduction. The reduction was my idea due to the fact that we put a rather high selling price on the home. Be sure to treat these two women well! They give Sibcy Cline a great reputation."

- Joyce & Woody N., Liberty Township

"We really liked Tiffany Allen-Zeuch. She was very honest and trustworthy...we would highly recommend her."

- Mike & Lora S., West Chester

"Tiffany was great to work with, thank you!"

- Casey M., Mt. Lookout

"I do appreciate all of your help on making this go seamlessly."

- Stephanie C., West Chester

"Tiffany amazed us with how immediately she knew our neighborhood {Cherokee Estates}. This became very useful during price negotiations and in setting the price. The two other realtors we met with before signing with Tiffany suggested listing prices $7-9,000 under the SALE price!"

- Bob & Linda E., Liberty Township

"She was wonderful--always there for me!"

- Ellen M., Mason

"Tiffany worked very closely with us and we were very pleased with the service she provided. She was extremely knowledgeable, professional and personable. We truly appreciate everything she did to make our dream home become a reality! We would recommend her to anyone in the market of buying or selling a home."

- Kim & Mike W., Fairfield Township

"Tiffany is a true professional. She does everything in her power to make the selling of yoru home a seamless process. She kept us informed, knowledgable and confident that we would have a positive selling experience. We couldn't ask for a better Realtor!"

- Kristina & Nick L., West Chester

"...Tiffany...excellent! Thanks for your help."

- Paul & Kathy A., Liberty Township

"Tiffany did a great job helping us find the right house."

- Brian K. & Mike M., Mason

"Between the 2 realtors they made great suggestions to sell."

- Curtis W., Deerfield Township

"...Tiffany both did an excellent job. Our house sold so much faster than we ever expected. They were always available whenever we needed them. We would definately recommend this team and would use them again in the future if needed."

- Mark & Kelly S., Fairfield Twp

"We had a pleasure to work with Tiffany when we moved to the Cincinnati area in December 2007. She helped us find our new home and negotiate the price with the sellers. Working with Tiffany was easy because she was always professional, full of local insight, very friendly and always on our side. She has spent a lot of late hours driving us around to find that perfect house and doing paperwork, and even though she had an infant daugher waiting for her at home, she never hurried us or complained about working late. I must admit, we were picky buyers, and she handled us very well! :-)"

- Olga & Ross Y., Loveland

"Tiffany was an excellent resource that we relied heavily on during the process of building our first home. We took comfort in her knowledge as she guided us through the home buying process. We enjoyed working with Tiffany and highly recommend her services to those looking to buy or sell a home."

- Brian & Tina N., Monroe

"Tiffany was amazing! With her help, we were able to find and purchase our home without stress or complications. We will definitely work with her again when we're ready to purchase a new home."

- Sandra & Greg K., Cincinnati

"She does everything in her power to ensure an efficient, positive home-buying experience! We will continue to recommend her services!"

- Kristina & Nick L., Liberty Township (2nd home purchased)

"Tiffany helped me purchase my first home in the West Chester area. Tiffany was very knowledgeable about the area and the entire process of purchasing a home. She helped me find a lending agent and showed me numerous condos in the area to help me make my decision. The greatest thing about Tiffany is that she was not a pushy in any step of the process. She let me take my time in making this decision and provided me with all the information I needed. I was very satisifed with the service Tiffany provided and will use her again when I go to purchase my next home!"

- Ashley H., West Chester

"She was very patient, modified our search to fit our requirements and was always willing to help. Excellent experience. Thanks."

- Wayne & Beth F., West Chester

"Tiffany, We had a last minute change of plans and I got a better job offer. We will most likely be moving to Indianapolis. Sarah really loved how you were very attentive to the needs of a mother. You are by far the best realtor we have ever had (bought 2 houses and soldselling 2) and wish we could take you with us to Indianapolis. Thank you for all you have done for us and we truly appreciate your dedication to customer service. Thanks again"

- Chris & Sarah H., Columbus

"Tiffany was wonderful throughout the whole process."

- Jay A., Batavia

"Tiffany--I just wanted to thank you for all your hard work and dedication with my first house. I admire your persistance, patience and follow through. I will certainly recommend you to anyone looking to buy or sell. Hopefully we can work together again when I become a first time seller! Thanks again & keep in touch."

- Seth Dickey, Monroe

"Tiffany did a great job communicating all of our options during our home purchase. She was always available and returned callsemails promptly. She was extremely knowledgeable about the short sale process. We were very happy to have Tiffany as our agent and would recommend her to friends and family."

- Kirsten & Daryn Goulbourne, Liberty Township

"Tiffany was my agent when I first purchased the home I just sold, and I was pleased again with her service and expertise. I sold my house in a week, Tiffany made everything easy, and she always goes above and beyond to execeed expectations. I would definitely use her again."

- Kim Moorman, West Chester

"I would like to let you know what a wonderful job Tiffany Allen-Zeuch has done for us. We have been looking for a house for our kids in Clifton and she was so accommodating each and every time I contacted her to see more houses. We had an offer on a house that didn't work out after the inspection and she helped us start all over again. Tiffany was great and never made us feel pressured to make a decision and was very patient with the house hunting process. We close on our house today! Thank you!"

- Maureen & Denny Walsh, Fairfield Twp

"Tiffany was wonderful. Her expertise and devotion exceeded our expectations consistently from the listing and sale of our former home to the aquisition and purchase of our present home. We highly recommend Tiffany Allen-Zeuch!"

- Bannie & Robbie Crompton, West Chester & Monroe

"Tiffany provided the right amount of interaction and guidance. Selling our house in only 3 weeks in this market was a total pleasant surprise to us. I will certainly recommend Tiffany to any of our friends."

- Bob & Linda Maxwell, West Chester

"Tiffany, Congratulations on your success and achievement of Circle of Excellence! Please know that your relocation team appreciates all your hard work and dedication. Looking forward to working with you in 2011."

- Sibcy Cline Relocation Team

"Thanks for all your help with the house sale! You made a difficult time so problem free and actually enjoyable. and Tiffany was a true professional throughout the whole experience of selling our house. Her communication skills are top notch.During the process I had spent time in South Korea and she kept me well informed as to house showings and feedback. She was kind, honest and helpful from the beginning of this process to closing. Sibcy Cline is very lucky to have such as asset on their team. I would recommend Tiffany to all my friends and collegues thinking of selling their homes."

- Betsy & Alan Jones, Liberty Township

"Thank you, Tiffany for all of your help today, and throughout the process. We appreciate your getting the house sold for us."

- Scott & Melissa Hildreth, Fairfield

"Thank you Tiffany for 'de-stressing' this experience. You've been great."

- Donna Jones, Hamilton

"We have worked with Tiffany for 2 years now and she works hard to find and get you into a place you love!"

- Chris & Erinn Conde

"Tiffany was amazing every step of the way. She made buying a home the easy, stress free process it should be!"

- Heather & Dave Schwab

"Excellent Sales Person!!"

- Ray Knopf

"Tiffany was a great agent with a wealth of knowledge and made our relocation back to the Cincinnati-area seamless. I will be recommending her to anyone I know that is looking to buy or sell!"

- Stephanie & Brian Payne, Liberty Township

"I have used her before. Regardless of what I look at or buy Tiffany is the only real estate professional I use. She is GOOD and you guys should be tickled to death she works for Sibcy."

- Joe Shumate, Okeana, OH

"Tiffany was very friendly, personable, and knowledgeable and she did a great job marketing my home."

- Ellie Jordan, Liberty Township

"Thank you so much for helping through the sales process. I appreciate everything you did-always pointing me in the right direction. Your guidance was invaluable."

- Mitty Dravich

"Tiffany is a phenomenal agent and made the process of buying a new house (a sight-unseen VA property no less!) a breeze. We couldn't be more thankful for her insight and expertise."

- Jonathan & Heather Fencik, Mason

"Tiffany did an excellent job in communicating through the selling process and helping us understand"

- J & V Ross, Liberty Township

"Tiffany was great to work with."

- Gina Kelly, Mason

"Tiffany was a great choice to sell our home. She's extremely knowledgable about the market and has a solid marketing and sales eye."

- Kate & John Walker, Liberty Twp (Four Bridges)

"Tiffany was very helpful and she had great recommendations for when we sold our house and bought our house. Her knowledge of the housing market for Mason was extraordinary, and she went above and beyond to help us."

- Melissa & Kevin Anderson, Seller in Mason, OH

"very very knowledgeable and I would definitely recommend her to others"

- Jill Walters, Seller in Liberty Township, OH; Buyer in Loveland, OH

"Just a note to let you know about your outstanding agent Tiffany. Let me tell you we have built 5 houses and sold many more but I have never met a agent as great as Tiffany. She does not know the word no and provides excellent customer service and our house is not even on the market! She has helped us through the process of finding property and even found us a great builder! She is quite knowledgeable about our neighborhood and I am sure she will sell our house! Today she called us with the address of our new house that is not even built! That has never happened before. She does it all with a smile on her face and 9 months pregnant. I would recommend her without reservation and believe me I am not the easiest customer to please."

- Jeff & Cindy Griffith, Buyer in Okeana, OH

"Tiffany went out of her way to help us in every way she could. She was excellent!"

- Teresa & Barry Kirby, Buyers in Maineville, OH

"We want to thank you for all your help with the condo!"

- Karen & Chris K., Buyer in Loveland, OH

"Great knowledge about the local area and how to get around the back roads to avoid road construction."

- Jeff & Michelle Coon, Buyer, Liberty Township, OH

"Tiffany was awesome... She had great suggestions and took care of anything we needed. Would highly recommend her in the future."

- Kevin & Anne Fox, Seller, Liberty Township, OH

"Tiffany is an outstanding Realtor. She is extremely knowledgeable, trustworthy and hard working. When she tells you she will take care of something, she gets it done in a timely manner and communicates all pieces of the transaction with you. Not only is she great to work with, she is respected and talked about highly among her peers, who are also agents. I recommend Tiffany to anyone in need of an agent!"

- Jana Davis, Buyer in Butler County, Ohio

"We had an excellent experience selling and buying with Tiffany! She even went on vacation during the process and didn't miss a beat! We were on a strict deadline and she did everything necessary to get the process complete on time! I highly recommend Tiffany!"

- Laura & Kris Schultz, Seller in Fairfield, OH; Buyer in Liberty Township, OH

"Tiffany goes above and beyond for all of her clients. We have personally sold and bought two homes with her and appreciated her expertise of the real estate market in the Cincinnati area. There's no one else I would rely on to have a wonderful home-buying process but Tiffany!"

- Kristina Linberg, Seller & Buyer, Liberty Township
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